Traffic Accident Edinburgh: Can Pedestrians Make A Claim?

Traffic accident Edinburgh stats have definitely been a source of contention for many people in and around the capital. With the trams finally arriving in 2014 after six years of disruptive construction works, the risk to pedestrians on the streets of Edinburgh looks to have increased rather than decreased. Hundreds of compensation claims have been made – with many attributed to the tram tracks. But irrespective of how you came to be involved in a traffic accident in Edinburgh, the burning question remains: can you make a compensation claim?

The answer is yes, pedestrians can claim compensation for road traffic accidents in Scotland. As pedestrians can be innocent bystanders when an accident happens in front of them, they are often victims in every sense of the word. Such circumstances may arise when a vehicle mounts the pavement, or when it drives through a red light or a pedestrian crossing. However, the issue can be more complicated if your Edinburgh traffic accident didn't happen at a designated crossing area. Sometimes, the liability may be split 50-50 between you and the driver of the vehicle. However, in this instance, you would still receive 50% of the value placed upon your injuries resulting from the accident.

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