Road Traffic Lawyers Edinburgh Help Cyclists Put At Risk

Road traffic lawyers Edinburgh wide have been incredibly busy in recent years. This is due to Edinburgh becoming increasingly known for road traffic accidents Scotland wide. It has led to many law specialists warning Edinburgh City Council that more needs to be done to protect motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in the face of traffic congestion. This situation has been largely credited to the infamous trams that were introduced to the city in 2014. Many law experts believe that the new tramlines have only served to increase safety risks for those driving on the road. In January 2015, 60 cyclists took legal action via lawyers due to injuries they had sustained because of the tram tracks. Cyclists had even collided with road traffic vehicles that were trying to avoid the trams. Road traffic accident lawyers claimed that there was a fatal accident waiting to happen as a result of the lines. Unfortunately, that happened in May 2017 when a cyclist's bike got stuck in the tram trucks, resulting in them being struck by a minibus. It's now thought that approximately 200 cyclists have been injured by the tracks alone. This is why many cyclists have turned to road traffic solicitors Edinburgh way to help them make a claim for injuries. A road traffic lawyer Edinburgh or Glasgow way will not just help you make a successful claim for your injury suffered as a result of a road traffic or tram incident. Glasgow or Edinburgh lawyers and solicitors can also help you claim for loss of employment, rehabilitation costs and for any damage to your property. But you need road traffic solicitors and road traffic lawyers Scotland way who are going to fight for your interests over anything. At Glasgow lawyers Scotlawyers4U, we help our clients across Scotland – offering £1,000 cash in advance of any settlement. For more, visit us at To talk to us today for advice, email or phone us on 0141 404 8400.