Road Traffic Lawyers Aberdeen Needed More Than Ever

Road traffic lawyers Aberdeen wide are needed more than ever, it has been revealed. Research published by the charitable organisation Parliamentary Advisory Council on Traffic Accidents (PACTS), which promotes traffic safety in the UK House of Commons and House of Lords, revealed Aberdeen to be a traffic accidents hotspot. Amongst the places where casualties of road traffic accidents Scotland wide were likely to receive heir injuries, Banff and Buchan and West Aberdeenshire were amongst the top in Scotland.

The research found that the constituency carries a KSI (killed or seriously injured) index rating of 211; which is 111 higher than the UK average. This makes it the number one serious road traffic accident hotspot out of 632 UK parliamentary constituencies. But it's not just Banff and Buchan where road traffic accidents are more likely than the norm to happen – West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine is the UK's second worst area for serious road traffic accidents. Its casualty rating is 82% above the UK average. The third worst constituency in the UK is Gordon, Aberdeenshire (70% higher than the UK average). If you have suffered injury in a road traffic accident Aberdeen way, then you are by no means alone.

But what exactly can be done about this? Aberdeenshire Council have agreed to do everything they can to reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents. But the reality is that accidents do still happen, resulting in people being injured through no fault of their own and perhaps suffering loss of income. If this happens to you, then you needn't suffer in silence. Legal action will not only offer compensation for your injuries, but also help to recoup on any lost earnings, loss of employment or property damage as a result of such a driving incident. To do that, you're going to need a road traffic lawyer Aberdeen way to help.

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