Road Traffic Lawyer Scotland: Is It Always Other People Who Cause Accidents?

Road traffic lawyer Scotland services could be what you need if you have been involved in an accident that has caused you injuries requiring medical treatment, but that was not your fault. As long as you start your claim within three years of the accident, then you may be entitled to compensation. The key phrase, of course, is ‘not your fault’. Not every one of the many road traffic accidents Scotland wide each year is avoidable. However, many careful drivers find themselves victims of others’ carelessness or negligence. Perhaps the other party was distracted, had been drinking or didn’t have their glasses on… there are many preventable reasons why accidents happen.

Avoiding Road Traffic Accidents Scotland: Staying Safe In The Rain

So how can you play your part in preventing accidents, and avoid finding yourself on the wrong end of a claim for compensation under road traffic accident law Scotland wide for negligence or carelessness? One key way to stay safe on the roads is to be aware of driving conditions, in particular where these are affected by adverse weather. The typical road traffic lawyers Scotland based sees countless claims where drivers have caused accidents by not being properly prepared for natural hazards such as heavy rain. Before you begin any car journey in wet conditions, ensure your windscreen wipers are working properly and efficiently. If they are not, your vision could be impaired and you may find yourself at fault if a collision results. It is also important to check that all your exterior lights are working. Don’t just assume that they are: switch them on, walk around the car and check. You need other drivers to be able to see you clearly to minimise the risk of an accident. Remember, though, to dip your headlights in busy or built-up areas. Full beam headlights can dazzle other drivers and any road traffic lawyer Glasgow based will be able to tell you that this can be almost as dangerous as having no lights at all. The next tip is to drive with increased alertness. Many of us are so used to driving that it has become an unconscious habit. Remind yourself that conditions are poor and that you will need to stay focused on what is happening around you.

Road Traffic Solicitors Scotland Offer More Tips For Driving In The Rain

Another factor to reduce your chances of needing road traffic lawyers in Glasgow after being involved in a road traffic accident is knowing how stopping distances work. The stopping distance is the time it takes for your car to come to a complete halt after you have applied the brakes. These distances increase in the rain as the road is slicker and tyres don’t grip as well on a wet surface. Adopt a different driving style in the rain. Drive slower prepare yourself to brake earlier, for example. Try not to apply the brakes quickly, as this will unbalance the car. Always be aware of other vehicles around you – check your mirrors constantly. When passing a lorry or other large vehicle, for example, your own vehicle will be covered in spray, which could limit your visibility. You should also know how to deal with aquaplaning, which happens when the car’s tyres skid along the surface of the water instead of the road. This can be a frightening experience, but knowing how to counteract the skid can save you. Slowly remove your foot from the accelerator and make sure your steering wheel is pointing the direction you want to travel in. When you have slowed down, your wheels should be in contact with the road again, and you can continue to drive. No matter how safely you behave, though, you may still be involved in an accident caused by another party. If this happens to you and you think someone else was to blame, the premier road traffic solicitors Scotland wide, Scotlawyers4U, can help.

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