Road Traffic Accidents Scotland: Are They A Big Problem?

Road traffic accidents Scotland are an enduring problem. Despite many campaigns and initiatives, the number of collisions on Scotland’s roads is still high. In 2016, 191 people died in accidents on the road in Scotland, a significant increase on the 2015 figure of 167. It is vital that drivers take into account the many problems that driving can bring, and act safely to combat them. Understanding the common causes of accidents and fatalities on the roads will help. The authorities also have a role to play in making our roads safer. But what happens when things do go wrong? Do you have a right to compensation? This article looks at all these aspects.

When Road Traffic Lawyers Scotland Wide Can Help After An Accident

An accident can have wider ramifications for many people, not only those who were involved in the crash. It can affect other family members, especially when there is a serious injury or death. It can cause loss of earnings and resulting financial hardship, even to the extent of putting future vehicle insurance costs up. Even minor injuries can cause trauma, making individuals anxious about getting back in their cars, which can have knock-on effects on all aspects of theirs and their families’ lives. If you have been involved in an accident on Scotland’s roads, were injured through no fault of your own and have had to seek medical attention, then road traffic lawyers Scotland based can help in the aftermath. They can ensure that you get the compensation they deserve. Road traffic lawyers Aberdeen and beyond can also assist by claiming back out of pocket expenses, covering everything from loss of earnings to travel costs to and from medical appointments. In order to prevent the worst happening and you needing to make a claim, it is useful to know why car accidents happen so frequently on Scotland’s roads. Being aware of the risks and taking steps to prevent them can save lives.

A Road Traffic Lawyer Scotland Outlines Key Areas Of Risk

There are many factors which contribute to the high numbers of road traffic accidents Scotland still experiences. These include such varying elements as drink driving, failure to wear seatbelts and driving too fast. In the case of the last example, Scotland has many rural roads and small lanes, and it can be tempting to go as fast as the law allows on these. This speed is usually the national speed limit, which is up to 60 miles per hour on a single carriageway. But just because that speed is permitted, it doesn’t mean that it is advisable. These rural routes can be very dangerous, with narrow access meaning that cars need to pull over to allow other vehicles to pass; and sharp bends which can be tricky to negotiate safely. Although anyone can be unfortunate enough to be involved in vehicular accident, road traffic solicitors Scotland wide see those in the 17 to 25-year-old age bracket as being most at risk. This is often due to their lack of experience in difficult situations. Motorcyclists and pedestrians are also high on the risk scale, and many of the clients a road traffic lawyer Scotland based has to deal with fall into these categories.

How Will The Road Safety Framework Reduce Road Traffic Accidents In Scotland?

Scotland’s Road Safety Framework is a strategy put in place to reduce the number of road traffic accidents Scotland wide even more by the year 2020. There are 96 separate commitments within the document that are expected to improve safe driving on Scotland’s roads over the next few years. The commitments will be a combination of engineering work, enforcement of new or existing rules or increased education. Road evaluations will take place to ascertain where the most at-risk spots are for road traffic accidents in Scotland. These areas will be considered priority, and steps taken to ensure that they are made safer. Measures might include a reduction in the speed limit; a new speed camera being set up; or other road interventions such as speed controls. Each council in Scotland has been allocated an accident and casualty reduction figure, so they have a target to work towards in their own area. Initially introduced in 2009, Scotland’s Road Safety Framework has already seen steady reductions in road traffic accidents. But humans are fallible, meaning there may always be a need for road traffic accident claims Scotland wide. Accident victims injured through no fault of their own but through others’ carelessness or negligence must be able to claim the compensation required to get their lives back on track.

Car Accident Claims Scotland: What Does A Road Traffic Accident Lawyer Do?

So if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident, what can a car accident lawyer Scotland based do for you? Firstly, they will use their expertise and experience to determine who was to blame for the accident happening. Once established, they can calculate the amount of compensation the injured accident victim is entitled to; and bring a claim against the responsible party for that amount. It’s worth noting that as well as physical injuries, psychological injuries such as stress, nerves or depression may also attract compensation. Additionally, the claimant is often entitled to money to reimburse them for other after-effects of the accident. A good lawyer dealing in car accident claims Scotland based may be able to claim for loss of earnings. They may also advise on claiming back prescription charges and travel costs to and from medical appointments; and the cost of any childcare or home help needed as a result of the accident, for instance. Overall, personal injury law exists to help accident victims restore their lives to the way they were before their accident, as far as possible. While in the case of severe, disabling injury or death, this is not necessarily achievable, reputable firms like Scotlawyers4U will ensure those affected receive the level of compensation they deserve.

Victims Of Road Traffic Accidents Scotland Should Contact Scotlawyers4U Today

If you have been injured in an accident in Scotland and you feel you deserve compensation, speak to Scotlawyers4U. Our experienced lawyers have been assisting those who have been injured or who have lost earnings through road traffic accidents Scotland wide for many years. We are able to organise a £1,000 cash advance on compensation in some circumstances, so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. See our website at for more information, and if you are ready to start your claim, simply get in touch online, or by calling 0141 404 8400. Give us the details of your accident and we’ll do the rest.