Road Traffic Accident Law Scotland: How Much Can You Claim For Neck Or Back Injuries?

Road traffic accident law Scotland pay-outs do not follow a structured amount. Due to personal injury claims being a civil matter rather than a criminal one, compensation can vary depending on the circumstances; the extent of injuries; and the effect an accident has had on the victim's life. One set of very common injuries observed in road traffic accidents Scotland wide are neck and back injuries. They can be incredibly distressing for the victim and can result in many missed days of paid work. Symptoms of such injuries may not reveal themselves instantaneously either; they can manifest over time.

Amongst these types of injuries, whiplash and lower back problems can be a common occurrence as a result of accidents. Whiplash injuries can result in compensation of up to £5,000 or more. More severe neck injuries – such as dislocations, fractures and ruptured tendons causing disability – can lead to claims of up to £40,000. In regards to back injuries, the amounts are often lesser and dependent on recovery times. Compensation can be anywhere from £750 up to £7,750. For injuries that cause permanent distress or pain, the amount can be closer to £15,000. A road traffic lawyer Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen way can better inform you of the potential pay-out you may receive when taking your individual circumstances into consideration.

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