Road Traffic Accident Glasgow: Advice For Cyclists

Road traffic accident Glasgow and Edinburgh city stats continue to demonstrate that cyclists are at risk of receiving both minor and severe injuries when involved in a collision. It's thought that 1 in 50 Scottish people commute to work by bicycle daily. It's also thought that adults in 35% of households own bikes. As a result, cycling injury claims are a very common part of the work performed by lawyers helping victims of road traffic accidents Scotland wide. But why do these road traffic accidents happen? What can you do to prevent them? And how do you make financial claims if you were victim of such a road traffic accident?

As many cyclists can attest to, drivers of other vehicles just don't see bikes in the same way that they do other road traffic vehicles. This problem is only exacerbated when visibility is poor due to adverse weather conditions or in low light conditions. Cyclists can reduce their risk by wearing fluorescent clothing and protective headgear. It's also important to maintain your bike adequately. Brakes that work with a small amount of pressure; correctly inflated tyres; a well maintained chain; and reflectors and lights will stand you in good stead. Whether your bike was in good condition at the time of the accident is something any good road traffic accident lawyers Glasgow way will ask you when you approach them with a claim. If you have taken these measures, and yet find yourself involved in a road traffic accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Road traffic accidents in Scotland unfortunately often involve cyclists. But these incidents have enshrined the rights of cyclists to be respected on the roads. At Scotlawyers4U, one of the top road traffic accident solicitors Glasgow way used by cyclists, we will help you secure your rightful recompense. To find out more about our Glasgow and Edinburgh road traffic lawyers and solicitors, visit, call our Glasgow offices on 0141 404 8400 or email