Car Accident Lawyer Scotland: Still As Relevant As Ever

Car accident lawyer Scotland services are still as relevant as ever. Even despite the downward trend in fatalities and injury suffered on Scottish roads, the stats tell us that road safety isn't anywhere near where it needs to be. During the 2004-2008 period, the number killed on Scottish roads annually was 292 on average. By 2015, that figure had reduced to 168. But the latest figures released by the Scottish government show an increase of 14%, to 191 individuals killed in 2016. So despite advancements in safety and awareness, there are still many fatalities occurring.

What seems true is that car accident claims Scotland wide will continue to number highly. This is because there were a total of 10,881 casualties in reported traffic accidents across Scotland in 2016. This is only a 1% reduction over 2015, which is too small a margin to draw any significant success in road traffic safety measures. Of those 10,881 casualties, there were 1,693 injuries classed as 'serious'. What that does mean is that there were over 9,000 people who received minor or slight injury on Scottish roads. Many of those will be suffering from neck and back injuries – with whiplash and lower back pain being very common reasons for injury claims being made through car accident lawyer Hamilton or Highlands services.

So as you can see, road traffic accidents Scotland wide remain a major problem. As such, thousands of these casualties will be entitled to make compensation claims for injury received from these accidents. To do that within the Central Belt, they're going to need a car accident lawyer Glasgow way who can help them make a claim. Scotlawyers4U are the very lawyers. We'll guide you, every step of the way, through the process and ensure that you get the compensation that you rightly deserve. For more on what our Glasgow lawyers and solicitors do, please visit, give us a call at our Glasgow offices on 0141 404 8400 or email