£1000 Cash Advance

£1000 Cash Advance

 Here at ScotLawyers4U, we are so confident in our work, we are offering up to £1000 Cash Advance payment.

Having an accident or being involved in an accident can be annoyingly painful and could leave you without a vehicle. This can the lead to expensive commutes to and from work, journeys to the Hospital, and medical and rehabilitation costs. We offer a unique service by offering £1,000 Cash in Advance to all Clients*.

* The following criterion must be met in order to qualify for this payment:
1) We believe your claim is worth more than £1200 after having vetted your initial claim
2) Your Personal Injury Claim has a high probability of being successful
3) We have identified the insurers for the Defendant party and they have acknowledged your claim
4) The insurers of the Defendant party have accepted liability for the same extent and facts of the claim which you have alleged.

Following the above terms having been met, a Cash in Advance payment will be made in two installments.
The first installment of £500 is payable within 14 days providing the following conditions have been met:

5) You attend a medical appointment arranged by ScotLawyers4U to examine the intensity of your injuries
6) The medical report confirms that your compensation is worth more than £1200.
7) You provide us with consent to disclose all medical reports to the third party.

The second installment of £500 is payable within 14 days upon ScotLawyers4U receiving an initial settlement from the Defendants of £1200.00.

In conclusion, ScotLawyers4U will pay you up to £500 of the initial advance payment within 14 days of your medical report being signed and sent to the third party, and up to a further £500 within 14 days of ScotLawyers4U receiving an offer settlement from the third party.
The cash advance payment paid to you will be deducted from the compensation you receive upon settlement of your claim. This is an incredibly easy way to claim compensation and it is just as easy to find out if you are eligible.

Just contact our Office on 0141 280 3668 to discuss your claim and our Terms and Conditions in further detail.